Dee is someone always trying to do something new and strange. When he started Badaginiee with his colleague, all he wanted to do was to “Give a personal story about food to the reader”.

Dee is an amateur cook. He does experiments with food. There were times he almost burnt the whole kitchen down 😛 . He watches cooking shows while coding the new software for his new project.

Dee knows about his food and he wants to tell everyone what he knows. 🙂


Ted is the other founding member of Badaginiee. She has the passion for writing. When Ted and Dee started Badaginiee, they saw the opening for a “personal level food blog” and then they decided to go for it.

No one knows much about her other than her love for Indian food, Mac & Cheese with spicy cheese balls and Perfect chocolate cakes! And she hates onions! 😛  


SuMi is an editor at Badaginiee. She’s pretty famous for her foodstagram profile which her friends complain about all the time. The ultimate food fan and don’t judge her eating capacity from her size. apart from that she is a very silent person as long as her mouth is shut. 😛


Chic. Nocturnal. Partially insane. Absolute carnivore, yet all things chocolate enthusiast. Pretty much sums her up.