Tea Breeze at Racecourse

Tea Breeze at Racecourse

Name – Tea Breeze

Venue – Tea Breeze, GS4, Grand Stand, Colombo Racecourse,Reid Avenue, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

Type – Cafe.

Price range – 500LKR above per person.

Website – www.teabreeze.com

Tea Breeze at Race Course is a very reserved place most of the time. Perfect place to relax with a warm cup of tea of your choice. I usually go there after work to relax myself after a busy day of work. With gained popularity now the place gets a bit crowded unlike the earlier days. Best thing about this place is that you can order your food and once you are done unless you call up the waiter they will not come near you and ask whether you need anything more or whether you want the bill. This is what I like the most about this place.

Tea is their main product in the menu hence they provide a variety of teas with different aroma and taste sourced from different tea regions in Sri Lanka. They also have a range of iced teas also along with fresh fruit juices. Iced teas are usually served with mint leaves and its chilled to give you a refreshing feeling.

They have a variety of delicacies to satisfy your sweet spot. They serve a heavenly piece of warm chocolate brownie along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for lesser than 450LKR which is really worth for the price. Also their Chocolate mousse cake is also an item you shouldn’t miss. It comes in a form of cake with a topping of vanilla cream and chocolate flares. Their chocolate cheesecake is also good, not the best cheesecake I’ve had but reasonably nice for the value. I’ve tried their carrot cake also which didn’t really go well with me probably because am not a huge fan of having carrots in cakes, but however It tastes good and the portion is really worth it for its price.

Scone is also one of my favorite, it’s not too sweet or sour. Usually served microwaved with a choice of jam and butter. Tastes really good with a warm cup of tea without sugar. They also have an apple crumble which is also nice.

They serve a range of waffles with ice cream and fruits which is also nice and really worth for the price. My first waffle experience was not that great, as the waffle was not up to my expectation, but second time it was really nice and I really loved it.

Their range of savories are not extraordinary but tastes really good. The portions are really a lot of value for money. Their sandwiches and Canapé dishes are also very well served with good portions. Food here tastes really nice and clean and it’s presented in a nice way. Moreover all food items are really worth for its price.


Staff is really nice and polite. Service is extremely up to standard and I really felt like coming back the first time I went, which I continued very happily up until today. Best place to go if you are searching for a place to sit down and finish your assignments or projects without being bothered and the Perfect place to have a discussion or a small meeting over a cup of tea.

Suggestions to improve:

There’s nothing much I’d want to say, but here’s some of the things I saw during my many visits.

  • Sometimes it takes a bit of a lead time to take and deliver the order when the place is fully packed.
  • Chocolate mousse Cake earlier was really nicer and much better than the new version ( when I asked the reason the staff member explained very politely smiling telling me that it is a new chef which is totally understandable).


  • Food : 7.5/10
  • Beverages : 8/10
  • Ambience : 7.5/10
  • Service : 7/10

Overall Rating – 7/10


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