Burger’s King – Colombo

Burger’s King – Colombo

Name – Burger’s King – Colombo

Venue – No. 1, Vellons Passage, Colombo – 02, Sri Lanka.

Type – Burgers.

Price range – 250LKR above per person.

Website – www.burgerskingsl.com

Okay, there are so many places which offers different different flavored burgers. Some are expensive but not so tasty. Some are average. But this place is one of the best places in Sri Lanka which offers delicious burgers for a reasonable price. I’m going to share with you my most recent experience at this place. Yes, I regularly visit this place, but now only I got a chance to write about this place.

It was another regular Tuesday evening at work. Time was around 7PM. All the team members from our project were exhausted from a busy day. Everyone wanted to go home soon. Then one said that “Let’s go to Burger’s King”. Even though my mother asked me to come early, I couldn’t say no to that request. After couple of minutes from suggestion, we 8 were in my vehicle, on our way to Slave Island from Ward place. Even though the traffic was hectic at that time because of the heavy rain, we were able to get there within 20 minutes. My major concern every time I visit Burger’s Kind is parking. Because they don’t have a proper parking space so customers have to park on the road. In a busy day, customers might have to walk couple of blocks after parking their vehicles. Luckily there was an empty spot few meters away from the entrance. I parked there and asked others to go in till I get off. I got off from the vehicle and I was shocked from what I saw.

Back then Burger’s King was kinda dodgy place. Kitchen was in another place and one dining area was in the pavement (few chares around a picnic table), and the other place was couple of meters away from the kitchen. Waiters had to carry food from kitchen to the dining area by foot, on the road. So, some people thought more than twice before visiting there even the food was good. But what I saw today was amazing. They have renovated the place in to a good level. Kitchen was in the downstairs and it was covered by glass windows. Customers can see what’s going in there. Dining area is in the 2nd floor. Since my friends were already in the 2nd floor, I went there without waiting to take some photos. Dining area shocked me again. It reminded me a famous pizza place. They have done a great job with the renovation. Dining area has 2 separate areas. Indoor and outdoor (balcony). Since the indoor area was packed, we had to go to the balcony. It was okay at that moment because there was a cold breeze because of the rain. The view you get from that balcony is unforgettable. That was the first time I saw Colombo from that point of view. If you are in to photography, don’t forget to take your camera, when you are visiting Burger’s King next time.

panoramic view from the balcony
Panoramic view from the balcony

We sat down and a gentleman came to us and took our order. I ordered the “Chicken Charlie” and my friend who were next to me ordered the “Prawn Burger”. Few of my other friends ordered the “Chicken Tikka Burger”. I usually have that burger but I wanted to taste something different today. I was in for something spicy so I asked him to make my burger, extra spicy. We also ordered a portion of spicy cheese balls. We knew that it will take some time to bring us the food, so we used that time to take some selfies.

Chicken Charlie
Chicken Charlie

It only took like 10 minutes for them to bring us our food. Back then it took almost 20 minutes for them to bring 1 burger but today in 10 minutes they brought 8 burgers. Every burger came with a fair portion of French fries. While everyone else was settling down with their burgers, I opened my burger and checked whether is that what I ordered. There was a thick layer of a spice mix. I thought that, they have made my extra spicy burger in to extra extra extra spicy from the looks of it. Then I took a bite from that. I was in the heaven for a moment. Usually I’m a fast eater but I kept that bite inside my mouth for couple of minutes so I could enjoy the flavors. The meat was seasoned well, it was tender, juicy and the bun was fresh and fluffy. That spice mix complemented the patty and the mayonnaise really well. there was a small lettuce leave in the middle, even though I wanted it to be little bit big, it was not an issue at all. After finishing the first bite, I immediately took the second because I didn’t want to stop eating. My friend who was next to me said that the prawn burger was also really good. Then I had one spicy cheese balls thinking that it was house made. But unfortunately, it was something we all had before comes in a sealed pack which is available in every super market.

We finished eating within 15 minutes or so. After that, we settled the bill and as I said, the price is really cheap and the food they offered for that price is worth much more than that.

After taking few more selfies in front of the place I hopped in to my vehicle to get back home soon because my mother wanted me to come home soon.

Points of improvement and overall comment:

These are not regarding the food. As I said, for the amount we paid, the food was really good. But if they can serve food in a plastic container instead of a paper plate, it would be even better. It goes same with the plastic disposable cup situation. Other than that, everything else was really good. Place is good, service is good and the food is great. So visit Burger’s King to have the best burger you can buy under 500LKR.

  • Food – 8/10
  • Beverages – Since it was CocaCola, won’t rate on that!
  • Ambiance – 6.5/10
  • Service – 7/10

Overall Rating – 7/10

Busy kitchen








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