The Cricket Club Café

The Cricket Club Café

Name – The Cricket Club Café.

Venue – 12, Flower Rd, Colombo.

Type – All.

Price range – 1000 above per person.

Website –

This is the story about the best pepper chicken I’ve ever had!


It was a fine Sunday evening. The usual suspects, 5 troublemakers were jobless as usual on a Sunday evening. Since we met after a long time, we were thinking of going out for dinner. Sadly, one member of our usual gang was missing but there was a new face and we thought it was a good time to get to know about her as well.

So we hop on to our vehicles and drove towards Colombo side from Nugegoda. As usual, we didn’t know where are we heading to. Then one of our gang member mentioned about the Cricket Club Café. Since we all wanted to try a new place, we decided to go there. After couple of minutes, we parked in front of the Cricket Club Café, Colombo. We had to park on the road because there wasn’t any parking available. Since it was a Sunday night, the road was bit empty and we didn’t have to worry about parking on the road.








So we went inside and the place was packed. Anyway we entered the lobby area and went inside. Then I came back to the front desk and asked “can we have a table for 6?”. Then the waiter who was there at the moment said that, “Did you make a reservation?”. Then I said “No, we did not make any reservations, and I didn’t know that we have to”. Then he said, “No sir, usually you don’t have to. Since it’s Sunday night, the place is pretty packed. Please take a seat by the bar and I will let you know once a table is free”. Then I went back to the gang and gave them the bad news. Since it was the dinner time, we knew that no one will leave soon, so we might have to stay there for more than 1 hour. Then we decided to leave and we got off from our seats and another waiter came and spoke to me. He said “Sir, please come with me. There’s a place for you on the 2nd floor”. So we followed him to the 2nd floor and we were quite confused for a moment. Because the entire 2nd floor was empty. Anyway, we found a nice corner table for us.


Then a friendly waiter came to us with menus. That menu was one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was categorized nicely and the names were fantastic. “Sangakkaara’s Seafood pasta, Maiden over chicken and Mushroom, Pollard’s paella, What a catch crab….”. The friendly waiter Thusitha was really helpful. When we asked about things which we wanted to know more about, he explained nicely about them. He had a good idea about the menu. So after few minutes going up and down the menu, I ordered “Punters Pepper Chicken” with my usual beverage, Lime soda. Other 5 ordered different things and I will tell about their comments later on.

So after placing the order, I walked here and there. Like I said we were the only guests who were there on the 2nd floor at that time. It was nicely decorated by old photographs, signed cricket jerseys, newspaper articles and so on. I stopped couple of times and read those articles, and all of them were about cricket (obviously!).

Thusitha – The friendly waiter

After 30 minutes of waiting, out beverages finally arrived. As I said, I ordered my usual drink, Lime soda. Thusitha served me with a thin tall glass and I was quite sad because the glass was not that tall. Then I took a sip. For a moment, I was in heaven. Believe me when I say this. I usually don’t give about 6 (out of 10) for any Lime soda. But for this, I can easily give 8/10. It was that good. The only downside to that was the glass was pretty small. I expected bit more. One of my other friend ordered the same as me and 2 of my friends ordered Cricket Club, Pineapple smoothie. It was in a tall big glass. Appearance wise it was pretty good looking. Then I took a sip. The first thing I tasted was bitterness. Then I asked, is this some kind of a bitter pineapple that I’ve never hear of? Others tasted the same and then we told the waiter about it. Then he apologized for that and took back those 2 smoothies and brought back 2 different ones and those were too sweet. So they had to satisfy from that. Other 2 friends ordered Chocnana Smoothie. I had a sip from that as well, it was pretty good. Chocolate with banana was a good combination for me.dsc_3393

Then arrived the moment we all have been waiting for. Main course time. When the waiter served me, I was bit shocked. It looked like a mess. But then again, can’t measure a food by its looks noh! But the chef failed to satisfy my eyes before satisfying my mouth. So I took a bite from my pepper chicken. I don’t have any words to explain that taste. I was in the heaven for the 2nd time. That one bite just wowed me. The pepper sauce was not too spicy. It had that nice pepper taste and smell to it. And the chicken was tender enough. The garden salad was too sweet, but there was enough pepper sauce to cover it up. Chef was pretty generous with the potion as well. There was enough chicken to make me full and that’s not an easy task to do 😛

Punters Pepper Chicken

The friend who sat next to me ordered “Jayasuriya’s Triple Century”. As he said, he was quite happy with the potion size and the taste. The Coleslaw salad was bit bitter but it was not a huge issue he said. The friend who recommended the place ordered “Gooches Fish & Chips”, and there wasn’t anything to complain about that dish according to him. “Lamb wrap” was good and the meat was tender and it was quite good, said the friend who complained about the bitter pineapple smoothie earlier. Pattie of the “De Silva’s Colombo Burger” was not pretty good the friend who had that complained. According to her, she lost her appetite after having a single bite. I saw the friend who ordered “Char Grilled Chicken”, cleaned his plate completely without a spot left.

Gooches Fish & Chips
De Silva’s Colombo Burger
Char Grilled Chicken
Lamb wrap

As for an overall comment on the food, there are good items and bad food items. I recommend “Punters Pepper Chicken” because I really fell in love with that dish. Also I had a bite from “Jayasuriya’s Triple Century”, it was a pretty good dish as well. So if you are going to Cricket Club Café, don’t forget to try them.

  • Food – 7.5/10
  • Beverages – 6.5/10
  • Ambience – 7/10
  • Service – 7/10

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

What was left on my plate
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