Name – Giovanni’s.

Venue – 145, Thimbirigasyaya Pl, Colombo.

Type – Italian.

Price range – 1000 above per person.

Website –

Image source - Giovanni's
Image source – Giovanni’s

This article is about the best pizza I have ever had in Sri Lanka. Indeed, I’m not hesitant to say that the aroma delivers its promise.

So, this wonderful place is not so big. It could accommodate about 15 people at a time. The place setting is a mix of graffiti + Christmassy with olive green curtains and different sizes of tables and chairs. Although I may say the place is arranged carelessly, I may never say that about food. I have only visited this place twice, yet it has made to the top in my list.

Giovanni’s is located in ‘145, Thimbirigasyaya Pl, Colombo’. I’d rather not keep high hopes about parking as I had to park on the road. Fortunately, I did not get into trouble.

Even though it was the first time I visited this place, I was greeted with much familiarity by a nice gentleman in downstairs of the building which comprises of two floors. In anticipation of ‘his’ arrival, I was checking the time. He was late! Man, I was furious.

As I entered the place, I realized the ground floor was only the kitchen area. Agreeing to the kind suggestion by the nice crew member, I went upstairs to be seated. Honestly, my initial thought about the place is not as good. On arrival of my long waited companionship, I went back to the ground floor to place the order.

As recommended by the crew, we ordered a half-chunky chicken pizza and a half-four cheese pizza. The waiter, who served us, was a chubby fellow with a good sense of humor. Apparently, he was in charge of the service because his other workmates want him to lose weight. That’s what the funny crew member said!

Image source – Team Badaginiee

The food arrived soon while giving a favorable assurance of a happy tummy. Imagine! The crust is so thin filled with big chunky chicken with olives and bell pepper. Mouth-watering Yumminess overloaded! Cheers to the generous cook downstairs! The taste of the first bite was magical and it made my brain think nothing but Giovanni’s pizza
Ardent Chicken lover I am! I loved the chunky chicken pizza as much as he did. For once, I heard no complaining about the food from him. However, there was a teeny problem. After that great meal, he had to walk searching for an ATM as they didn’t have the facility at that time but now they do. Not to worry!

Surprisingly, we were served a sweet desert too for free. I have not had that before. By looks, it was something like bread and sugar. Then, we were told that it is an Italian desert. Sadly, my tummy was too full to put some more food in, but he appreciated the sweetness dearly.

So, we thanked them and left the place with a happy smile. We wish you well Giovanni’s and we will be back soon! 

Giovanni's team Image source – Giovanni’s
Giovanni’s team
Image source – Giovanni’s

Overall Rating – 8/10


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