Agra Colombo

Agra Colombo

Name – Agra.

Venue – 100/10, Sri Lanka Foundation Avenue, Colombo.

Type – Indian.

Price range – 1000 to 2500 per person.

Website –

Agra, the name surely originates from Agra, the India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The origins of Agra had been influenced by the Mughal emperor, especially Akbar’s capital in prime time.

As we arrived there, we parked the car right in front and we were warmly greeted by nice gentleman with kind words. It was a really good first impression. As we entered the place, it gave us a wow effect as the place setting is impeccable and gives more or less an identical familiarity to a Mughal empire. Oh! A great smell inspired our taste buds already.

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There were nice more private spaces where at least 6 people could sit and have a nice conversation. Also there were places in the middle for the people who wants to socialise. We were only two and were received again by another nice chap.

“Could we have a table for two?” I asked. Pointing at a wonderful private space, I asked again,

“Could we sit there?”

“You can sit anywhere you want ma’am”, he replied with a familiar smile.

Then we were given the menus. There was a good variety of items. Since I had already got some good reviews from a friend who had visited last year, my heart was set on the mutton dish.

Thereby, after a thorough examination of the menu, we ordered one dish of Kashmir Rogan Josh, 2 portions of Butter naans and another portion of Chicken Tikka Biriyani followed by a mocktail – Agra breeze.

The food arrived way faster than we expected. Rather excitingly, the top part of the table was movable and the nice waiter placed the food on the table without any disturbance to our conversation. We were so hungry so we volunteered to serve ourselves.

The ‘Agra breeze’, their signature mocktail, tasted the best as I heard from him. He was really happy with it so was I for him.


Adding more to our anticipation, the food smelled great so we expected it to taste good too. Oh well, don’t judge a book by its cover. It was such a disappointment that the mutton was not that delicate even though it was said so in the description, the butter naan was a little dry and the Biriyani tasted not so good.

Digging more into details as I heard more than enough about the Biriyani to fill my ears with it, share if I may in his own words “Oh! I can’t eat this”. As per my neighbour’s comments, the rice is as dry as it was not followed by a curry but a curd paste which was tasteless, and the cutleries were awfully small and not sharp. Further to that the chicken in the biriyani is bland with no spices. “This is not Indian” were his exact words. I almost had enough so I suggested to leave the place.

Saved by the bell! Much to my excitement, there was a nice music played with flute, serpina and tubla. It took his mind away from the tasteless food and put him in a nice calm state. The music was so relaxing that I would want to stay there just for the sake of music.

Rather surprisingly, we somehow managed to finish the food with the great support of honey in our ears by a great performance. Sadly, it was so filling for us to order dessert. Even though I wanted to try the watalappan, I had second thoughts from the earlier disappointment.

Nonetheless, if you ask me if I would visit again, I would say yes. Not for the food, but for the relaxing space setting and the great background music played by 3 talented musicians. Well, I must not forget the great service of the friendly staff. As we left the place, we were followed by the kind words of the doorman once again. I sincerely wish they could improve the food as it was not at all value for money. So, our tummies could have been as happy as our minds.

Overall Rating – 5/10


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  1. Hi team badaginiee just a small recommendation. Why don’t you guys put up the prices of the food url order it would be easier for us readers to make a judgmental call Wether it fits our wallets 😃

    1. Hi Shehana,

      Thanks for this valuable suggestion. We will take this into consideration. Anyway, we post the average price range for a person at the beginning of the article.Most of the menu items are in that price range 😊

      Keep in touch with the blog and have a wonderful day! 😊

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